The McRib Is Back & Available Nationwide for the First Time Since 2012

The wait is over.

McRib McDonald's
Photo courtesy of McDonald's
Photo courtesy of McDonald's

The McRib is a lot like a twinkle in your eye. You never quite know when or where it's going to appear, and when you think of it and try to look at it, it keeps moving just out of sight and... Oh, wait, I'm thinking of a floater. Nonetheless!

The McRib is elusive, but it will evade capture no more. McDonald's has announced that the sandwich is coming back to the menu. Last year, when it made a brief appearance, it was available at about 10,000 locations. This year, you're not going to have to work so hard to wrap your hands around one. For the first time since 2012, the McRib is going to be available nationwide

The McRib will return on December 2, once you've finally finished digesting that Thanksgiving feast and are prepared for your next big culinary adventure. Of course, the boneless pork sandwich with barbecue sauce, slivered onions, and pickles will, as always, only stick around for a little bit.

The ubiquitous chain isn't saying how long "a limited time" will be. Though, in years past, it has stuck around for about two months. So, if you've been tweeting at the Golden Arches, waiting for the tangy sandwich to return, don't dawdle. Otherwise, you'll be waiting another year, and who knows where you'll have to drive to track one down next time.

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