Melissa McCarthy Crashed CNN as Sean Spicer Ahead of 'Saturday Night Live'

Melissa McCarthy has found the perfect muse in White House press secretary and fumbling Venmo user Sean Spicer. On the eve of her return to Saturday Night Live, McCarthy was spotted in the streets of New York City wheeling around on her motorized podium, taking her hot-tempered shtick to the headquarters of CNN.

While the latest controversy disrupts Washington and conjures presidential tweet-storms, McCarthy filmed a skit for Saturday’s show by interrupting the flow of traffic in Midtown Manhattan. She yelled at motorists the way Spicer often excoriates his dear friends in the media:

McCarthy is poised to make her fourth appearance as Spicer on the late night show -- and we should expect something uproarious, given recent reports of the press secretary hiding in bushes to evade reporters and the abrupt dismissal of FBI director James Comey. Spicer has provided ample fodder for McCarthy, who’s satirized his angry tirades with the aid of an Easter Bunny costumeplastic turds and everyone's favorite oxymoron, "alternative facts."

While news from the capital is anything but routine these days, the latest barrage of presidential tweets suggest that Spicer’s “press briefings” might get cancelled in favor of daily written statements. If that’s the case, McCarthy might have to retire her routine while Spicer will be out of a job, perhaps seeking refuge in some comforting foliage.

[h/t CNN Money]

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