A Teen Bit Through Her Retainer Staring at Michael B. Jordan Shirtless & He Took Note

michael b jordan retainer teen
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Black Panther isn't just breaking box office records, it's breaking retainers.

It all started with a Tumblr post from an orthodontist. It featured two images of Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger in Black Panther. He wrote, without mentioning a name, that one of his patients came in "for an emergency visit, because she snapped the wire on her retainer watching the movie." In particular, it was the scene when Jordan took off his shirt. "She clenched her teeth so fucking hard she snapped [the retainer]," he wrote.

A screenshot of that post made the rounds on social media. Eventually, the retainer-breaking teen involved saw the story.  "My initial reaction was, 'I have to find this girl and I have to be her best friend,'" 18-year-old Sophia Robb later told CNBC Make It. "'We already have so much in common!'" Once she figured out the story was about her, she let everyone know.

From there, the story gets better. Instead of being mortified by the situation, Robb embraced it with a good sense of humor and even did a few interviews. Teen Vogue asked her what she'd do if Jordan saw the story and got in touch. She replied, "I would scream. The idea of him even seeing the post is so insane to me."

Well, she probably screamed, because he saw it. It wasn't even a day after she tweeted about the Tumblr post that Jordan was following her and replied, offering to replace her retainer. "I feel partly responsible for breaking your retainers," he tweeted. 

The retainer was covered by insurance, so she declined Jordan's offer, she told CNBC. However, she did request he take a photo with her and her orthodontist for the school yearbook next time he's in town.

"I think people who are like 'you exposed yourself' are hilarious because of course I did!" she told BuzzFeed. "It's a funny story and I'm not embarrassed about it. If anything it speaks to how great of a movie Black Panther is."

She also made a point to defend her orthodontist and note he didn't do anything wrong in his post. 

Meanwhile, Robb's dad is replying to everything, and it's hilarious. This family gets an A+ in internet usage. 

Jordan made news twice on Wednesday because he also announced that his production company will begin to adopt inclusion riders on all future projects. Inclusion riders, which allow actors to require gender and racial diversity on set, were trending over the weekend when actor Frances McDormand talked about them during her Oscars acceptance speech

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