Michelob Made a Social Distancing Picnic Blanket. Here's How to Get One.

For those times you want to subtly say, 'Stay away from me.'

social distancing picnic blanket
Courtesy of Michelob

Social distancing wasn't just for the spring. Summer outings are going to require social distancing as well. If you're planning on a picnic or trip to the beach, you may be thinking about finding a less crowded location or about strategies that can keep you and others around you safe. 

Michelob has one suggestion: A massive outdoor blanket. You're going to be sitting on one anyhow if you're at the beach or park, so you might as well get a really big one that sends a clear message about how close you'd like people to get. The beer slingers have made a 12x12 outdoor blanket that, if you sit in the middle, will keep about six feet of distance between you and anyone standing outside the blanket. 

The gold blanket -- it's a promotion for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold -- is available at, though it doesn't come cheap. It'll run you nearly $100. ( is the Anheuser Busch online shop, even though the name implies its beer interests might be broader than that.) If the price seems steep, well, it's not the only picnic blanket with an eye on social distancing. There are a lot of options out there, and it's really not a bad idea if you're going to spend some time in public outdoor spaces. 

You could also stitch all of your bath towels together. Just saying there are options. 

Alternatively, the big beer brand is giving away a handful of blankets to people who respond to the above tweet with details about how or where they'd use the almost-parachute. Presumably, you'd use it outside, but maybe you've got some wild ideas about where you're going to put it. Maybe you'll build a half-wall on one side with one of those six-foot coolers from Dos Equis. Maybe you have a really big window and could use a curtain. The choice is yours.

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.