This State Is Facing a Liquor Shortage That Could Ruin Thanksgiving Drinking


If I had to design a self-help course for people looking to build resilience, I'd challenge them to get into their car on Thanksgiving, drive past the liquor store, and roll up to opinionated Uncle Jim's for a day of good, sober fun. My theory is that participants would immediately become self-actualized.

And residents in Michigan might soon be able to prove my theory, as they are currently in a liquor shortage that may last until Thanksgiving. 

Abstaining from drinking on Thanksgiving is the new 30-day yoga challenge, and residents of the Great Lake State might not have a choice but to participate. This market-driven prohibition came after a Michigan distributor called Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) started having software issues, according to the Detroit Free Press. RNDC started seeing tech issues that slowed deliveries by a few days as soon as the company moved into a new warehouse.

But don't blame the distributor if you're forced to soberly endure your great aunt's relaying of every semi-intrusive procedure she's had on her colon this year, because it's reportedly the Michigan Liquor Control Commission's (MLCC) fault -- only three distributors are allowed to provide alcohol to the entire state. 

So, of course, the MLCC is freaking out. In a statement, MLCC Chair Pat Gagliardi said officials are "holding RNDC accountable on how they plan to fix this situation for our licensees," and that "It's our priority to ensure our licensees have their shelves stocked for the public, especially in advance of the holiday season."

RNDC has addressed the severity of the situation itself.

"We apologize for these delays. They are not acceptable," RNDC Vice President Steve Rochow told WOOD TV. "We are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issues that are causing them, but it may be several weeks before customers regain their normal high levels of service. We are entirely focused on fixing our issues to meet customers' needs."

We are entirely focused on fixing our issues to meet customers' needs.
fixing our issues to meet customers' needs.
customers' needs.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.