View Life off the Grid Inside This Snowboarder's Tiny Home

Confining your life to 250 square feet might sound like the perfect way to induce claustrophobia, but for professional snowboarder Mike Basich, it’s a way of reconnecting with the Earth, as his cabin is sequestered in the mountains of Soda Springs, California.

Since you probably have no idea what it’s like living in a solar-powered nook made of stone and refurbished wood, Seeker VR recently interviewed Basich and put together this 360-degree video, which helps you glean insight into his lifestyle. Basich calls his home “my own personal playground and space to be creative,” which makes sense if you know his story: Years ago, Basich tore up the competitive snowboard circuit, racking up wins at high-profile competitions that paid lucrative sums of cash. He bought a huge house and a flashy car, but was ultimately unfulfilled by the material excess, so he gave it all up for a life in the woods. Now his house has a jacuzzi and magnificent south-facing windows that harness the mountain sunlight.

(If you want more background information on Basich, check on Seeker’s video on him from last year).

So feel free to peruse the video above, which should offer a nice foray into the world of 360-degree video, and a taste of what the tiny-house revolution has in store for the future.

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