Is This Guy at a 1995 Mike Tyson Fight Proof Time Travel Exists?

Mike Tyson Time Travel

It's not quite the Zapruder film, but footage of a 1995 Mike Tyson fight against Peter McNeeley in Las Vegas is being used by weirdos on the Internet as evidence that time travel exists. Take a deep breath, because here we go.

Uploaded to YouTube in September, the full fight caught the eye of some intrepid viewer with a dual interest in boxing and conspiracy theories who noticed someone in one of the front rows holding up something closely resembling a smartphone to film the fight. Yes, this time traveler does the same annoying shit people do at concerts today, which seems like evidence alone that this person isn't from 1995. He's got the awful habits of a post-2010 human.

Camera phones like this, mind you, weren't available until 2000.

The bigger question remains: why would a time traveler go back to film something there's perfectly fine footage of already? Also, why is this future man going back in time with a phone that looks bulkier than the current iPhone 6S? Do phones never get better? Oh god. Sell your Apple stock!

Take a look at the footage for yourself. 

Unfortunately for anyone getting excited about watching Super Bowl I with Marty McFly, the guy with the camera isn't a time traveler.

As Snopes points out, the device is most likely a handheld camera that was readily available at the time, like a Casio QV-10A, the Casio QV-100 or Logitech Fotoman.

So, it's probably not time travel, but that's not surprising. Mike Tyson and the future feel like things that were destined to mix poorly, as evidenced by his attempt at riding a hoverboard.

Still... at least the video provided Internet weirdos a few minutes of entertaining conspiracy talk.

And what is YouTube for, if not to entirely waste everyone's time?

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