Mike's Hard Lemonade Is Making Booze to Remind You of Childhood Slushies

Mike's new Mike’s Hard Freeze is looking to trigger your nostalgia.

mike's freeze
Photo courtesy of Mike's Hard Lemonade
Photo courtesy of Mike's Hard Lemonade

Mike’s Hard Lemonade, despite its recent foray into the world of hard seltzer, may still remind you of the fridge in your parents’ garage. (Or maybe that’s your fridge full of Mike's and Not Your Father's Root Beer out there.)

If that triggers nostalgia for you, Mike’s has got your number. On March 21, the company behind White Claw unveiled Mike’s Hard Freeze. It says that the new drink isn’t for freezing, but to remind you of slushie flavors of days long gone. Or at least days long gone if you abstain from your local slushy machine as an adult.

The line comes in four flavors: Blue Freeze, Red Freeze, Pink Freeze, and White Freeze. Naturally, you can mix them all like the bold kids used to do. The Blue is a blue raspberry flavor. Red is a "red cherry berry." Pink is "tart and sweeter than traditional Mike’s Hard Lemonade," and is profiled as a "frosty pink lemonade." White is a creamsicle flavor, which makes less sense, but we'll get over it.

There are a couple of ways to track down the nostalgia-inducing flavors, which land at a sessionable 5% ABV. You can go big with a single-serve 23.5-ounce version of Blue or Red. Alternatively, you can go big and get a 12-can variety pack. There’s no dabbling with a six-pack here. You’re either all-in or you’re all-in.

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