Mike's Hard Lemonade Is Unleashing Its Own Line of Hard Seltzers

Are you surprised this didn't already exist?

Edited - Courtesy of Mike's
Edited - Courtesy of Mike's

At one point, a new hard seltzer rocketing into the world felt novel. With the aid of social distancing and a presidential election, that time feels like at least nine years ago now. It seems like everyone—companies, pets, neighbors, Yankee Candle—has their own hard seltzer line now. Notably absent from the long list of hard seltzer brands was Mike's Hard Lemonade. You remember it, right? It was around right after people were into Zima, but right before you started finding five expired Not Your Father's Root Beer in every garage refrigerator?

Well, Mike's is joining the fray. Mike's Hard Lemonade—part of Mark Anthony Brands, which owns White Claw—has launched a line of four hard seltzers you can now get in a mixed 12-pack. It's already available across the country, and it makes a whole lot of sense. It's a company that knows fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks. 

Mike's will be slinging four lemonade-ish flavors in its new mixed pack. Inside you'll find Lemon, Strawberry, Mango, and Pineapple flavored-seltzers. They're about what you would expect in terms of flavor. Though, notably, all four have a stronger flavor than many competitors in the hard seltzer world. They're sweet and a bit tart with a lot more punch than most of the seltzers out there. That punch is just about the flavor, though. Each can has a relatively sessionable 5% ABV. 

A representative tells Thrillist that part of the hold-up with Mike's getting a hard seltzer on shelves was the undeniable success of White Claw. To keep pace with the growing demand for the best-selling hard seltzer, getting one from Mike's was put on the back burner. That time has now passed. Mike's is here in seltzer form. It's not arriving as the only boozy lemonade in skinny cans, though. Truly released lemonades last year, and in 2021 there's Bud Light lemonade and Topo Chico will have one soon, as well.

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