Apparently Millennials Love Travel More Than Netflix, Gluten, and Sex

Would You Rather -- the greatest game to grace the slumber party scene (don’t @ me) -- is an essential test of character. Whether you’d prefer to drink your own pee or lick peanut butter off of a hobo’s foot speaks volumes about your constitution. But new research on millennial priorities says that apparently, young people aren’t as predictable as we thought.

According to a recent survey by Contiki, a travel agency that targets folks aged between 18 and 35, the majority of millennials would give up carbohydrates, Netflix-access, and even sex, for the opportunity to travel -- which probably means we should call a moratorium on “Netflix & Chill” graphic T’s.

The company asked travelers who fall within their target age range what they might be willing to live without for a full six months in exchange for one chance to travel anywhere in the world, free of cost.

In the end, the survey found that 80% of respondents would be happy to ditch Netflix, 77% said they’d quit coffee (gasp), 73% said they’d give up alcohol, and 60% said they’d cut out carbs. But, honestly, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of travel to begin with?

And while traditionally more enticing than things like uninterrupted HGTV streaming and buttered toast, a full 57% of millennials were also prepared to give up sex for the sake of an international journey.

Maybe it has something to do with the wanderlust that social media cultivates, or maybe CBD oil has finally rendered good old fashioned alcohol obsolete, but extenuating factors aside, travel seems to be the unrivaled millennial priority -- the gold medal winner in a generational game of Would You Rather.

But before you applaud the population’s heightened interest in adventure, keep in mind the fact that only 41% of millennials -- a minority of the sample -- were willing to sacrifice their cellular devices for the free opportunity to explore the globe.

So, there you have it: millennials love travel, and cell phones are cooler than sex.

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Eliza Dumais is a millennial and also a news writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter.