Millennials Apparently Suck at Tipping in Addition to Everything Else

Another day, and another reason to viciously malign the millennial generation has appeared. We've already been presented with a melange of data that suggests millennials suck. The generation hampered by overwhelming student debt, economic downturn, and the gig economy even knows how much it sucks. But that doesn't mean the intrigue surrounding this cohort is over, as a new study conducted by throws coal on the millennial dumpster fire. The findings? Millennials are poor tippers.

The study, which gathered data last month from 1,000 Americans aged 18 and older, indicates that 10% of millennials don't tip after eating a meal out. That in itself is a staggering finding, especially when considering that Americans born between the years 1981 and 1996 are largely dependent upon our tipping culture to make a living.

Enter senior industry analyst Matt Schulz, to shed light on this alleged millennial hypocrisy: "It was interesting to see that millennials are the worst tippers-because the typical restaurant worker is a millennial," he told SF Gate. "...It's self-defeating."

The median millennial tip is 15%, compared to Gen-Xers, Baby-Boomers ,and the Silent Generation, all of which err on the side of more generosity with a median tip of 18%. Presumably, the 10% of millennials who don't tip at all are likely squandering their leftover funds on outlandish avocado lattes.

A further 18% of millennials surveyed said they declined to tip taxi, Uber, and Lyft drivers -- which might be a byproduct of the generation's meager job prospects and the near impossible task of growing money when faced with crippling student loan bills. Just saying!

Still, USA Today did yeoman's work by interviewing a real-life millennial on the subject of tipping.

"Growing up, my mom was in the service industry. To me, it’s such an important job. I tip at least 20% for in-person or delivery -- higher if they’re accommodating to my food allergies," said 26-year-old Samra Ward.

You see, only the vast majority of millennials are monsters.

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