Miller Lite Cancels Leap Year Free Beer Giveaway

free miller lite leap day

UPDATE - February 27, 2020:

Miller Lite and MolsonCoors have canceled this beer giveaway promotion after a shooting at the MolsonCoors corporate campus in Milwaukee on Wednesday, according to a spokesperson for the company. MolsonCoors issued the following statement on Twitter:

ORIGINAL POST from February 24, 2020:

There's a whole extra day this year. What are you going to do with it? It's easy to feel left out on Leap Day. Those folks who have birthdays on February 29 are getting free food everywhere they turn, and they'll probably throw a party since they only get one once every four years. But what do you get?

Free beer. That's what you get. To celebrate a bonus 24 hours on a Saturday for the first time since 1992 (even if that's an awfully subjective way to look at things), Miller Lite is offering a free 24-pack of beer. These kinds of things happen from time to time, and you often have to be in the right city or jump through more hoops than a circus lion in a silent film. Weirdly, Miller Lite is making this available to everyone, and they've made it relatively easy to redeem. 

On February 29, Miller Lite will post a QR code to its Instagram and Twitter accounts. You have to scan the code, so you'll need to use a computer or someone else's phone. The code will take you to a site where you can submit a receipt for a 24-pack of Miller Lite purchased on Leap Day. The cost of your case will be refunded to your PayPal account.

That's it. You're actually getting a free case of Miller Lite, and you don't have to buy anything at all. You just have to front the money. Now, you just have to figure out what to do with your free day and free beer.

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