Miller Lite Is Launching 'Beer Drops' to Make Other Light Beers Taste Better

And by better, the brand means just like its own American Pilsner.

Courtesy of Miller Lite
Courtesy of Miller Lite

Miller Lite has got some confidence. The ubiquitous brewer has created its own "enhancement drops." So, if you find yourself at an establishment without Miller Lite, you can at least make your backup brew taste like the classic American Pilsner.

Somehow this is not a belated April Fool's joke but rather an actual product hitting the market. To celebrate National Beer Day on April 7, Miller Lite is launching its limited-edition Beer Drops to make other light beers taste better.

"One thing we know to be true, Miller Lite lovers absolutely love the taste of beer," Global Vice President of Miller Family of Brands Sofia Colucci said in the press release. "We see Beer Drops as a fun yet competitive extension of our new campaign to highlight what sets us apart. National Beer Day is the perfect moment to celebrate the great taste that has made Miller Lite special since 1975."

Courtesy of Miller Lite

Miller already launched its first batch of Beer Drops, and though they quickly sold out, you've still got a chance to snag one for yourself with this restock.

"This campaign combines Miller Lite's two most iconic attributes: great taste and Miller Time," Colucci added. "Miller Lite has been an iconic brand since 1975 for good reason. It's remained true to itself while other light beers have diluted what they're all about. We know there's a practical side to why people love Miller Lite, and that's because it's a light beer that embraces the taste of beer. But at the same time, there's an emotional component—it's that first-sip feeling that 'Miller Time' represents. We're blending these two pieces of our history for the next generation, and we couldn't be more excited about it."

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