Miller Lite Will Buy You a Beer For Unfollowing Them on Social Media

miller lite unfollow campaign

Let's not pretend like there aren't good things that have come out of social media. There are. People have helped each other, made new friends, laughed at stupid jokes, and more easily stayed connected despite geographical gulfs. But we also don't have to look far to see the downside. Outside of some of the obvious daily nuisances and distractions, the companies that provide the services aren't committed to stopping misinformation from running wild.

No matter which side you think outweighs the other, it's never bad to unplug for a bit. Miller Lite has constructed a promotion that rewards you for more-or-less doing just that. If you unfollow the brand on Facebook or Instagram, they'll buy you a beer. Yes, that's one totally free beer for not listening to them anymore. Almost makes you want to follow them now so you can unfollow them later.

Here's how to get a free beer:
1. Take a photo or screenshot of you not following Miller Lite on either platform. Text that to 49375 with the word "UNFOLLOW."
2. Wait for the company to respond with a link. 
3. Go to that link and upload a receipt with a Miller Lite on the tab. 
4. The company will shoot you money for the beer via PayPal. 

The beer purchase must occur between October 22 and November 22, with the receipt submitted by December 6 at the latest. For drinkers who don't turn to light beers at the bar, the offer is only good on Miller Lite and not any other MillerCoors breweries like Terrapin or Leinenkugel's.

The company says their campaign is an effort to make you enjoy some time with friends instead of time staring at your phone. They're trying to rebrand normal time spent talking in a bar with friends as "Miller Time." Additioanlly, Miller says its social media accounts will be "going dark" and "taking a break from posting." Though, ironically, the announcement says that "social media influencers will also be deployed to amplify the new campaign to encourage and inspire Miller Time amongst friends."  However that sits with you, Miller's offering a free beer for doing very little.

UPDATE 10/30/19
Natural Light thought this was a great idea. So, it will also buy you a free beer for unfollowing Miller Lite. Cheeky.

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