Yes, You Can Bring Your Miniature Horse on a Plane, Officials Say

OK, you know those kids in school that always had to ask 10 follow-up questions when the teacher announced something, just to demonstrate that they were smart and able to think critically? Well, those kids grew up and became the people asking whether a miniature horse counts as a support animal on commercial flights. And they became the kind of people that forced the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to say yeah, OK, yes, miniature horses are allowed. 

I must admit, though, that the people inquiring about horses aren't unreasonable. In the DOT’s “Final Statement of Enforcement Priorities Regarding Service Animals,” it was noted that clarification was necessary “because dogs, cats, and miniature horses are the most commonly used service animals.” I guess horses are a more reasonable third than some other four-legged friends, but...

“There have been flights with service miniature horses,” a spokesperson for the Association of Flight Attendants told the New York Post. “Though it’s not very common.”

The spokesperson said passengers with a horse are typically seated in the roomier bulkhead row. 

It's important to mention that airlines still have control over which animals are allowed on board, and many airlines have increased regulations since on-board support animals were first popularized. Alaska Airlines, for example, has made it clear that you can’t bring your goat

But it seems horses have remained on the approved list for major airlines, including Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. Because, 'Merica. 

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Ruby Anderson thinks if you can bring your freakin' stallion she should be able to bring her very gentle California king snake.