This Lost Cat Poster Is a Freaky Optical Illusion

A missing cat poster is giving some people the creeps. 

A video of the poster was shared on Reddit because its placement on a fence accidentally turned it into an optical illusion. As you walk past the poster, it appears the cat is turning its head to watch you. It doesn't matter what direction you're going, the cat is following. It makes you wonder if the cat isn't so much missing as trapped inside the poster by some kind of dark magic. 

Max Tiseyko, who posted the video, has a different theory. In the video's description, he suggests the cat "probably escaped from Azkaban or something." 

As many Redditors note in the thread, the illusion is familiar to anyone who has been in a haunted house. The Hollow-Face Illusion, which seems to be in effect here, creates the perception of a normal convex face when the image you're looking at is actually concave. It can also make it seem like the eyes or face is following you as you move. 

This may not win awards at the Illusion of the Year contest, but the placement of the poster is perfect and totally magical. Good job, person who hopefully found their cat.

h/t Mashable

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