This Coffee Subscription Service Is Delivering Caffeine & 2020 Election News

Educate yourself over a cup of joe.


No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, educating yourself on the presidential candidates and issues is imperative. With just a few months left until Election Day, coffee subscription service MistoBox is partnering with Ballotpedia, an online resource for political information, to bring customers the caffeine and knowledge they'll need come voting time. 

The box, which features a personalized selection of freshly-roasted coffee and non-partisan political updates, will run you around $10.95 a month, but will vary based on your quantity preferences. Customers can head over to the site and fill out a number of questions -- how do you take your coffee, what's your favorite roast, etc. You can also pay per bag or opt in on a plan. The customizations are all up to you. 

How you take your coffee doesn't matter so much. What you do while drinking it, though, does. The subscription box is designed to educate consumers while they caffeinate. You'll get a newsletter, along with your coffee, that includes news highlights, primary and general election updates, voter registration reminders, as well as important details on local, state, and federal politics and policies. 

"Our partnership with Ballotpedia is beyond exciting and timely," co-founder and CEO of MistoBox Connor Riley. "We started MistoBox to make specialty coffee more accesible to people and with this partnership we hope to do the same with access to vital information about our political system." 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer for Thrillist.
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