New M&M's Have Nearly Half the Sugar of Regular M&M's

They're perfect for snacking on!

Edited - Courtesy of M&M's

M&M's has dropped many different varieties since the candy's debut in 1941. The brand debuted white chocolate pretzel and pumpkin pie flavors in recent years. Now, the brand is bringing fans a new crunchy variety that's a little healthier to snack on called M&M's Munchums.

The new M&M's Munchums are a totally new snack. According to the brand, the chocolate candy is a baked snack with a unique, crunchy baked outer shell and a crispy center coated in milk chocolate. Munchums are a crunchy, sweet, savory version of the M&M's classics we all know and love.

But the crispiness of the snack isn't the only thing that makes it new and exciting. M&M's Munchums have 40% less sugar than the traditional candy. The snack is also gluten-free.

M&M's Munchums are a limited edition item currently available on M&M's website. Fans will also, according to Brand Eating, be able to find the snack in Walmart and Wegmans stores very shortly.

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