This Beer Has a Dungeons & Dragons-Style Game Right on Its Label

dungeons and dragons beer
Courtesy of Modist Brewing

If being a beer nerd doesn't quite emphasize the nerd portion well enough for you, Modist Brewing has a suggestion. It has created a beer with singer-songwriter (and dungeon master) Jeremy Messersmith that is a "Dungeons & Dragons"-style tabletop game in a can. 

The beer is called Tabletop Session. It is a New England IPA that comes in a four-pack with a different label on every can. Each of the cans has a different character for the original D&D-style campaign created just for this release. The Minneapolis brewery officially started putting the D&D-ready cans in stores on February 17.

dungeons and dragons beer
courtesy of Modist Brewing

It's a relatively straightforward quest that is accessible for beginners. If it offers any comfort for an RPG newbie, the guide says, "If a character wants to try something crazy or if there’s confusion about a rule then just make something up and try to roll with it as best you can. It’s only a game on a beer can after all." (It's not totally dissimilar to that Wendy's tabletop adventure released last fall. Though, that was pretty elaborate with lots of fun artwork.)

To play, just buy a four-pack, distribute the cans around the table, and then the game master can head to to guide your band of misfits on a journey called "Search for the Elder Draft."

While you only need a single four-pack to play, it's a session beer, so you'll probably want two or three four-packs before you complete the quest for the Elder Draft.

dungeons and dragons beer modist
Courtesy of Modist Brewing

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