This 8-Hour Queso 'Meditation' Video Will Help You Find Your Center & Your Appetite

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There's no right way to relax during stressful times. One man might find as much calm on meaningless trips to get chips and queso as another another man finds via guided meditation. But if neither standard breathing exercises nor cheese dip alone can evoke inner peace, consider combining the two by watching an 8-hour queso mediation just released by Moe's Southwest Grill

Many of us staying home during times of social distancing are feeling the loss of our semi-regular trips to fast food and fast casual restaurants, but our beloved Tex-Mex chain and emotionally intelligent corporate king--Moe's--is stepping up to help us fill the void. The chain's newly released meditation comes in the form of an 8-hour YouTube video of a chip and queso, soundtracked by ambient music and occasional mantras.

Watch as melted white cheese swallows and adheres to a slowly dipped tortilla chip. Listen as a tender voice guides you through "a bountiful field of queso" at minute 32, or sit for another 7 hours and hear the same voice encourage you to "let the worry of your day drip away like queso." 

Don't immediately eschew the idea if you find the concept a little strange; I was put off by the meditation too, until I lost myself in a dairy dream two minutes into the video and resurfaced an hour later, more at peace than I have been since before the pandemic--and before puberty. 

But if this method really doesn't work for you, and you'd rather take the drive to a familiar establishment, check out these unprecedented drive-thru deals happening now through April. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.