Baker Goes on NSFW Rant About Customer: 'Ginger, Come Get Your F*cking Cheesecake'

As wonderful as running a cake business from your home may sound, it's apparently as stressful as any other job. And if this f-bomb-laden rant from a Texas woman named Kim Copeland is any evidence, that stress comes from the "Gingers" of the world. Who are they? Indecisive people who won't give simple answers to simple questions, aka the people who create most of the world's stress.

Kim has run a cake shop called Flora Dee’s since 2014, and all evidence points to her being a delightful person. But a series of inscrutable emails from a mysterious customer named Ginger pushed her to the edge, and, luckily for us, her daughter Adrienne was there to capture the outpouring of rage. And post it to Twitter

In the video, which has been viewed over 3.8 million times since being uploaded on Saturday, a frustrated Kim starts by reading a message from Ginger and then looks directly into the camera and yells, "What the f*ck does that mean? Do you want the f*cking cake or do you not want the f*cking cake?" And it pretty much gets better from there. 

She had tried to get Ginger to clarify whether she ought to hold the cake or come drop it off. Ginger responded that she was "in the country." 

"My car drives to the country and the city. It goes all the way to freakin' Dallas, Ginger," she explains. Then she adds, "Do you want the fucking cheesecake? That's all I wanna know."

Kim further illustrates her frustrations with the "stupid messages" by opening the refrigerator and showing how many cakes she has to deal with and even shows the specific personal cheesecake she could bring to Ginger if she'd make her intentions clear.

The mother and daughter then released a follow-up video in which Kim reflects on how many times she used the F-word and considered that the video's existence could ruin any shot she had at running for public office. Honestly, that seems like selling herself way short. She's clearly tapped into something here.

Naturally this resulted in a huge bump in Kim's Instagram followers, and a lot of requests for cakes. Unfortunately, she doesn't ship them yet, but hopefully that'll change soon so we can all get a taste of what Ginger missed out on.

If you do find yourself wondering about Ginger, don't worry because Kim explained that too. In a final update on her own Twitter, Kim revealed that Ginger never got her cheesecake after all because "I just stopped fooling with her."

As a caption to the tweet, however, she added: "And Please Note: Ginger is a Really Nice person, And I would never want to hurt her feelings!"

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