Woman, Mom, and Grandma Smoke Weed Together for the First Time & Things Get Deep

Unless you grew up with some exceptionally cool and vaguely irresponsible guardians, getting stoned is one of those things you go out of your way to conceal from your parents. So, what would happen if you were plopped down in front of a camera with your mom and grandmother and filmed smoking weed together for the first time? Well, it may turn out something like a new video from The Cut.

The video, the latest in The Cut's "Strange Buds" series, features a woman named Madison seated at a table with her mom and grandmother, all facing down the task at hand: get high together for the first time. A bong, a bubbler, and some joints are presented, and they start puffing away -- interrupted occasionally by a coughing fit or some endearing confusion as to how the paraphernalia works ("You don't blow it back in it," Madison gently reminds her grandma at one point).

Eventually, the producers hand over some old family photos, and the conversation shifts to a back and forth about very personal individual memories, and they begin reflecting on how they felt about certain big moments in life, from pregnancies, to first relationships, and even a mental illness diagnosis. The whole thing gets a bit heavy at times, but it's infused with plenty of very funny moments; particularly, when grandma's hearing aid glitches out. We recommend watching the whole thing, and who knows, it might even inspire you to propose a similar unconventional family activity during Thanksgiving this year.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.
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