Mom Uses VR Headset in Waiting Room and Hilariously Freaks Out

Published On 10/28/2016 Published On 10/28/2016

This is your mom in virtual reality.

A VR headset isn’t the item du jour of hospital waiting rooms, but one family thought it might provide some much needed distraction while their dad received a double organ transplant surgery.

The Kelley family introduced their mother to the bewildering world of a VR rollercoaster, strapping the headset to her face like any good tech-savvy millennial offspring would. Mrs. Kelley appropriately freaked out, fidgeting in her chair like an 8-year-old at Disney World.

Mrs. Kelley clasps the edge of her seat for dear life, and hollers as the virtual scene shoots by her -- much to the chagrin of everyone else in the room. It's a pretty entertaining sight, and something that every good mother probably deserves to experience if they wish. 

This has been your mom in virtual reality.

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