Badass Mama Lion Fights Off an Entire Herd of Buffalo Trying to Kill Her Cubs

Lions get a bad rap because of the whole, oh no, they ate my cousin thing. But that's a little hypocritical considering that humans kill and eat other species all the time. If we were more consistent, we'd see that lions are actually pretty chill: They like to hang out and cuddle, they have delightfully non-toxic manifestations of masculinity, and finally, they're good moms, and we know how much you all love reducing women to maternal instincts. 

For proof, check out the video above, which is a Dynasties, a new series that follows the lives of five extraordinary animals -- lions, penguins, chimpanzees, painted wolves, and tigers -- premiering January 19th on BBC America at 9pm EST. In it, a lioness named Charm protects her "extremely vulnerable" cubs from a herd of buffalo. In a twist, it turns out that buffalo are a bunch of baby-killers, and lions are wonderful caregivers.

Obviously, Sir David Attenborough narrates the show. His voice is as soothing as ever -- until he explains, "Buffalo seek out lion cubs and will kill them if they get the chance," adding that they "trample them to death." These cubs are a mere two weeks-old, and they're already in mortal danger. But that's just life in the wild, baby!

Charm shields her young with her body, and at 1:02, even slaps a buffalo on the head. The standoff goes on from there, and it kind of resembles that scene in Lord of the Ringswhen they hide from the Ringwraiths... Anyway, finally Attenborough announces, "Charm has forced the entire heard to back down."

Which is funny because she didn't use charm at all. She used being a badass lion mom. And for that, we salute her.

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