Bored Football Announcer Gives Fan Who Ran on the Field the Call of a Lifetime

monday night football announcer
YouTube | ESPN

The second game of the night on the opening week of Monday Night Football was a bit of a snoozer. The Los Angeles Rams were shutout for the first time since Week 6 of 2011. It was such a bore that one of the game's most exciting moments was when a fan ran on the field and delayed the game. 

It actually didn't get much play on TV, but Westwood One radio announcer Kevin Harlan had seen enough of a milquetoast game and gave the scrambling fan the call of a lifetime. It was a call that should be taught to prospective broadcasters all across the country showing how to turn a bad situation into 90 seconds of fun.

After the fan was tackled by security Harlan commented, "That was the most exciting thing that happened tonight." Even his broadcast partner must have been bored by the game because he immediately added, "That was a great call on your part. That was a great call."

Watch the radio call synchronized with the TV broadcast in the tweet above and a little better view of the fan in the video below.

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