Monkey See, Monkey Do an Escape Attempt by Shattering Zoo Glass With Rock

We underestimate our primate brothers and sisters -- something made alarmingly clear by that recent video of a chimpanzee effortlessly navigating Instagram. Overall, though, we’re simply charmed when our hairy little distant cousins surprise us with their intellect. 

But this video of a monkey shattering zoo glass with a sharpened stone is a bit too World Domination vibes to be cute. 

The footage was taken on August 20 at Zhengzhou Zoo in Central China’s Henan Province. In the clip (shown above) you can see a Colombian white-faced capuchin monkey swinging a sharpened stone overhead while periodically looking up to, I guess, analyze his progress. 

A zoo employee told Chinese media that this wasn’t the first time this monkey was seen… innovating. It had previously used tools such as sharpened rocks crack open walnuts instead of teeth.

The glass abruptly shattered, and onlookers behind the camera gasped. It appears the monkey didn’t expect the glass to shatter so spontaneously, as the little anarchist quickly fled from the damage in startled confusion. Officials later removed rocks from the enclosure.

Hahaha little money, if you had been human you’d have known that many glass enclosures have a resistant Polyvinyl butyral interlayer that keeps the structure of the wall intact… Hahaha.. Ha……Ha…. Please spare me and my family.

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Ruby Anderson is a news writer for Thrillist.