Monster Cereals Are Coming Back with New Vintage-Style Designs and Toys

Monster breakfast cereals are rising from the dead for the end of the summer.

monster cereals are back
Courtesy of KAWS/General Mills
Courtesy of KAWS/General Mills

It's a very specific band of nostalgia that might only hit for a narrow group of people, but there's a warm Munsters adjacent feeling that comes from the occasional return of monster cereals. (Even if you're more into the art than the cereal.)

General Mills has announced that the colorful, cereal-loving monsters are coming back in 2022 and will start to appear on shelves like a zombie rising from the grave in August. The resurrection of monster cereals includes Frute Brute, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo-Berry. 

Fruit Brute is back for the first time since 2013 with its "howlin'-good taste of fruit" that comes with marshmallows. Count Chocula, who I always assumed was something of a father figure to the other four (RIP Yummy Mummy), contains chocolate cereal and chocolate marshmallows. Franken Berry, which debuted in 1971, is a strawberry-flavored cereal that'll turn your milk pink. And Boo-Berry, just adjacent to Franken Berry, debuted in 1972 and is a blueberry-flavored version of the cereal.

The company hired KAWS to design "throwback cereal boxes" for the quartet of breakfast monsters. The artist also designed a set of vintage-style toys for each of the monsters. Though, these aren't the kind of toys you find in a dusty plastic bag at the bottom of the box. Instead, you'll have to enter to win them at this site. You'll need to enter the unique code on the back of each box starting on August 1. 

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