This 330-Pound ‘Monster Fish’ Washed Ashore & Nobody Really Knows What It Is

The ocean coughs up all sorts of terrifying refuse. Sometimes, the results are big and rotten. At other times, the sea seems to be birthing space aliens. One couple in Australia happened upon something decidedly less mysterious, but still totally unnerving this week: a giant, 330-pound mystery fish that looked big enough to fight a shark and totally kick some ass. 

John and Riley Lindholm happened upon the fish while strolling on Moore Park Beach in southern Queensland on Tuesday afternoon. John, who is a charter boat skipper, and claims to know a thing or two about fish, said he had never seen such a terrifying fish. His confusion was evident in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: "I've seen a lot of fish, and a lot of big fish, but I've never seen anything like it," he said. 

Photos and video of The Very Big Fish™ have been making the rounds on sea monster Twitter. 

Despite people on the internet freaking out over a sea creature -- as they often do -- it was later suspected, albeit not determined, that the fish is probably a grouper. But even Lindholm, the confounded sea skipper and knower of fish, wasn't quite sure. 

"I thought it might have been a groper, but looking at the head shape it still may be a groper, but it just doesn't seem to fit with what other people up here have told me," he said. 

"[There's] a fair bit of speculation -- it could have been a cod, could have been a groper, and one guy I think might have nailed it when he said it was what they call a tripletail," he continued. "I've seen a lot of fish and its pectoral fin right down near the tail looked a bit odd, sort of looked like it had a joint there, and if it had the same on the other side that could be exactly what it is."

Doing its diligence as a real news site, ABC contacted the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol, which determined that the fish is probably a grouper. But again, they can't really be sure, given the "condition of the fish made a definitive identification difficult," according to a QBFP spokesperson. 

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