You Can Now Dress Your House Like a Terrifying Monster for Halloween

You might consider yourself something of a Halloween scrooge -- the kind of person who gives trick-or-treaters undercooked Brussels sprouts instead of chocolate.

If you’re that miserly grinch on Halloween, consider fashioning your garage a monster capable of devouring children. That’s what Amanda Destro Pierson did. She converted her garage door into a mean, green-eyed behemoth, posting footage of the creation to Facebook, where it’s since become something of a viral hit.

Now, Destro Pierson didn’t do this to ward off trick-or-treaters. The stunt serves more to celebrate Halloween in all of its horrifying, autumnal glory. In light of the 25 million views the video’s received on Facebook, the Cleveland, Ohio-based artist wrote: “I am seriously blown away by the love here.”

What’s more, the craft supply company she works for is now making monster house kits, so you can dress your house just like this menacing beast for Halloween -- or the entire year, if you’d prefer. 

If you'd like to order a monster house kit, click here.

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