These Are the 10 Top Jobs Employers Are Hiring for Most Right Now


Let's be honest: When you're throwing out career possibilities to your high-school guidance counselor, you have no idea what you're talking about. You're probably still under the impression that you'll somehow get out of the whole needing-a-job thing and coast on your sterling Instagram presence. But you're gonna need a job at some point, and it getting one of those is a lot easier if employers are actually hiring for them. 

Luckily, Monster just released its mid-year job report, which includes info on a ranking of the top 10 jobs employers are hiring for. After you check that out, look at the best cities to find a job in, and you'll be well on your way to affording rent.

Here are the 10 jobs with the most listings:

10. Network and computer systems administrators
9. Retail salespersons
8. Maintenance and repair workers
7. Sales representatives
6. Computer user support specialists
5. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers
4. Customer service representatives
3. Supervisors of retail sales workers
2. Software developers
1. Registered nurses

According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over a million jobs have been added to the market in 2018 so far, which means your chances actually aren't bad right now. Especially if you search for something on the list above. 

It probably won't surprise you that the greatest demand is for registered nurses. The health-care industry is the largest job-creating sector in the US, and as the Baby Boomer population ages, the BLS is projecting 15% growth for registered nurses in the next eight years.

But there are plenty of options beyond that. You have a good shot at getting into tech as a software developer, network and computer systems administrator, or computer user support specialist. If you'd prefer to be away from a desk, there's a surprising diversity of job types throughout this list, from tractor-trailer truck driver to retail salesperson. You have options.

But if you want to have a job that also pays a bunch of money, check out this list of companies with the most jobs paying over 100K.

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