First Snow in Montreal Results in Hill of Chaos

Published On 12/05/2016 Published On 12/05/2016

It always seems to take a couple snowfalls before drivers have their wits about them in icy conditions. This is true even in snowier climes. Just take a look at the newly dubbed "Disaster Hill" in Montreal. 

The Quebec city just got its first significant snowfall of the season and the results are predictably disastrous. Some folks perched in a window caught bus after bus after police car after car after delivery guy after plow trying to handle the icy hill on video. Each successive attempt was met with the same results.  

The videos above and below of car after car slamming into one another was first posted to Facebook by Willem Shepherd, who filmed the incident Monday morning at Beaver Hall and Viger in Montreal. He reports that no one was seriously injured. The video below includes some commentary as a police cruiser gets sandwiched between a bus and a plow. 

Winter is coming. Someone salt the roads.

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