This Guy Had to Censor His Mooning Scarecrow After His Neighbors Complained

If you haven't caught an accidental glimpse of your neighbor in some form of undress, then are you even neighbors? It happens, there's a mild, mutual embarrassment, and then everyone moves on. Except, in Sandy Springs, Georgia, where that neighbor is a pumpkin scarecrow who moons the community with his thicc pumpkin butt all season long

Mike O'Neill's now-infamous "Pumpkin Man" has been making the...c heeky statement for a decade now, but after receiving numerous complaints, the Grogan Bluff Homeowners Association has asked him to remove the "offensive" yard decor, according to local news reports.

Instead of pulling the display entirely, O'Neill got creative and added a "censored" sign to cover our friend's exposed behind -- which, let us not forget, is actually just a pumpkin. 

"It’s purely to break up the monotony of life a little bit and have a little bit of fun," he told CBS affiliate WGCL. "We get a lot of chuckles out of it." According to O'Neill, they've received "great feedback" from the stunt. "People laughed. Lots of picture taking. People stopped their cars," he added. 

Though the HOA was clearly not so keen on Pumpkin Man, the internet is.

"I guess some people just don't have a sense of humor these days," one user tweeted. "[HOA's are] taking their petty power and abusing people," another added. 

#FreeThePumpkinButt, anyone? ANYONE??

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her @MegSchaltegger.