Mischievous Moose Ding-Dong Ditches House With His Massive Butt

Ding-dong ditching is one of life's great pleasures. You get all the joy and thrill of taking purely malicious, indefensible actions, while still remaining relatively harmless. This is so great, in fact, that it shouldn't be limited to humankind. The entire animal kingdom ought to be invited to participate in this rite, and honestly, possibly Venus flytraps, too. 

That's why we're thrilled to report that a moose was caught ding-dong ditching. He even brought his own moosely technique to the task, using his formidable posterior to ring the bell. We can't see why humans shouldn't adopt this innovation. 

The historic event occurred at roughly 1:30am on Wednesday, KTVA reports, when an Alaska family was awoken by their doorbell. Kyle Stultz, like the protagonist of the tamest tale of gothic horror ever, rose from his bed to investigate. He found nothing at the door and assumed it was a group of mischevious kids. 

"I had just got done with two finals last night. I was out to relax at the end of the night and ding dong. We're all getting our way back to life right now, after we are still having these aftershocks," Allie Johnstone, Stultz's partner, told KTVA, referring to a recent 7.0-magnitude earthquake. "That point of night it was like, what now?"

Moose rump was what was now, and a lot of it.

They checked their security system and were confronted with what KTVA referred to as "a moose caboose." "We had this nice moose behind waiting for us right here," Stultz explained. "And he decided to back up right into it and that’s how he got our doorbell."

“It makes you feel safe and that it could catch moments like that where it’s not just security," Johnstone added. "It’s also a bit of comic relief. It’s really nice."

Yes: Nice.

Now go ding-dong ditch your neighbors with your butt and make this remarkably thick moose proud.

h/t KTVA, Jezebel 

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