Morgan Freeman Explains How He Learned His Morgan Freeman Voice

You know Morgan Freeman's deep, soothing voice as everything from the so-called "voice of God" to the authoritative, no-nonsense narrator behind your turn-by-turn directions. Now, the legendary actor has explained how he learned to speak so distinctly.

Days after shamelessly snacking on Girl Scout cookies onstage at the Oscars, Freeman sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and entertained the late night host's question about his ability to "talk like that." The legendary film star pointed to his days studying acting in college, and said, "I had a voice and diction instructor who was very good at his job." Basically, being modest never sounded so good.

At another point in the interview, Freeman even agreed to narrate the lives of random people seen on Hollywood Boulevard and hilariously made some goofy dude with a selfie stick sound like the subject of an epic documentary. We're insanely jealous.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and wishes Morgan Freeman could narrate everything. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.