Morning Air Traffic Rush Hour at Heathrow Looks Gloriously Insane

When you’re at an airport, you rarely get to witness the procession of planes lining up to land on the runway. After all, you’re a passenger, and this is something that air traffic controllers and pilots have to deal with.

But that sight -- the endless queue of passenger planes making their descent onto the tarmac -- is quite the visual feast. A new video shows exactly what this looks like at Heathrow Airport in London, England. The cavalcade of planes is pretty hypnotic. The video is sped up to convey 30 minutes of flights touching down at Heathrow during a morning rush hour period.

The airport is the sixth-busiest in the world in terms of passenger traffic, sandwiched between Tokyo Haneda airport in fifth and Los Angeles' LAX in seventh, per Airports Council International. There’s literally a new plane arriving every other minute, entering British airspace from places all over the world.

If not only drool inducing, the video's a good indication of how many people take airplanes daily, which is like, quite a lot. 

[HT Sploid]

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