Guy Nearly Gets Destroyed by Flying Dumpster, Walks Away Like Nothing Happened

Sometimes, a regular stroll back to one's car through a parking lot can lead to a harrowing brush with a flying dumpster. If you have a predilection for escaping death by the skin of your teeth, you definitely fall in line with this man in Moscow, who avoided a nasty collision with said dumpster when it came barreling in from behind him during a powerful windstorm. 

As you can see, the flying trash canister basically swallows the man, allowing him to nestle within its gross confines instead of getting crushed. People come to his aid, but only after he gets out from the dumpster and continues on his merry path, as if this is all a normal part of his regular ho-hum existence. The event was captured by someone in a nearby building, presumably by camera phone. 

Scenarios like this seem par for the course this week, especially if you live inside the former Soviet Union's sphere of influence. A massive water main broke in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev on Tuesday, spraying the surrounding cars in a parking lot with scalding water and creating a 64-foot crater. Like with the flying dumpster, no one was injured, although the infrastructural damage surely caused an expensive mess. 

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