This Guy Freestyling While Giving His Cat a Bath Is the Hero We Need

cat bath freestyle
Screengrab MoShow

Like a cat-bathing Luke Cage, Moshow has proven that not all heroes wear capes. The Portland-based rapper posted a video to his Facebook page of him giving his cat Ravioli a bath while freestyling about cats.

This video is the internet distilled.

Ravioli, it turns out, is the kind of cat who needs to be given a bath from time to time and MoShow obliges happily in the video, serenading Ravioli with a rap about cats. While it might be the only thing that can salvage the end of 2016, Ravioli doesn't look entirely pleased about the situation.

MoShow, aka Dwayne Molock, has dubbed himself "The Cat Rapper" and as the moniker implies, this isn't his first cat rap rodeo. This is a part of his campaign to encourage cat adoption. A few weeks back he released a video called "Adopt a Cat" to support the Oregon Humane Society.

Moshow told Oregon Live that it wasn't staged, he really had to bath all four of his cats the day of the video, which he does biweekly.

h/t The Daily Dot

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