These Are the Cities Where It's Most Affordable to Live Alone

No matter how much you may like your roommates, nothing beats having a place of your own, and the comfort of knowing any stacks of dirty dishes or heaping piles of laundry are yours and yours alone...

Cincinnati | Shutterstock
Cincinnati | Shutterstock

No matter how much you may like your roommates, nothing beats having a place of your own and having the comfort of knowing the stacks of dirty dishes and heaping piles of laundry are yours and yours alone. Of course, with no one else to split rent, it can be a prohibitively pricy proposition for plenty of people. That's not to say there aren't hotspots around the country where it's easier to pull off. Take, for example, this new list of the most affordable cities for renters who want to live alone. 

Although graduating from roommate life to solo living is always a bit of a leap financially, the folks at financial advice site SmartAsset crunched the numbers to figure out which cities are most affordable when it comes to renting a place of your own in 2019. To do it, they looked at the 100 largest US cities and considered data across five different Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor metrics for each: median rent, the availability of studio and one-bedroom apartments, median earnings, overall cost of living, and unemployment rate. Then, they identified the 25 cities that measured most favorably, and ranked them accordingly.

Earning the number one spot as the most affordable city for solo renters this year is Cincinnati where median monthly rent is just $569. That's followed by Reno, which boasts a similarly cheap $730 median monthly rent, and Lincoln, Nebraska, which ranks third with $577 per month. Here's all 25 cities ranked, along with their median monthly rents.

25. Denver, CO -- $1,060/month
24. Nashville, TN -- $874/month
23. Boston, MA -- $1,395/month
22. San Francisco, CA -- $1,520/month
21. Baton Rouge, LA -- $638/month
20. St. Petersburg, FL -- $793/month
19. Irving, TX -- $1,046/month
18. Plano, TX -- $1,108/month
17. Lubbock, TX -- $619/month
16. Arlington, VA -- $1,667/month
15. St. Paul, MN -- $763/month
14. Oklahoma City, OK -- $684/month
13. San Antonio, TX -- $776/month
12. Austin, TX -- $1,063/month
11. Boise, ID -- $724/month
10. Lexington, KY -- $624/month 
9. Columbus, OH -- $715/month
8. Omaha, NE -- $651/month 
7. Madison, WI -- $893/month
6. Pittsburgh, PA -- $802/month
5. Tulsa, OK -- $614/month 
4. Minneapolis, MN -- $817/month
3. Lincoln, NE -- $577/month
2. Reno, NV -- $730/month
1. Cincinnati, OH -- $569/month

Courtesy of SmartAsset

Although it may seem like the median monthly rents listed above don't always correspond to their ranking position, remember several other factors were considered. For instance, just because Omaha's median monthly rent is cheaper than the median rent in higher-ranked Minneapolis, folks in Minneapolis earn more money, on average.
As the SmartAsset team points out, a number of the locales that made it into the top 25 this year were also highly rated in the same ranking last year. In fact, the top 10 for 2019 were all in the top 10 in 2018. Also, it's pretty clear that the Midwest is the place to be if you're looking for your best shot to live alone. 

Then again, who's to say you have to stay stateside to find an incredibly affordable place to live

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