The Most Gorgeous National Parks, According to Reddit

Ditch the official rankings, and listen to real travelers instead.

Sure, checking official, stats-based rankings is surely helpful when picking your next travel destination, but you know what else is? Tapping into the general public's vibes. That's why Reddit is so great when it comes to seeking out advice—you can find threads on almost anything, and when it comes to travel, people are often keen on sharing their opinions, tips, and tricks to ensure you make the most out of your trip.

If you scroll through the subreddit r/Travel, you'll soon find out that the national parks across the US were the recent subject of a viral conversation. Someone decided to ask which national park was the fairest of them all, and replies quickly flooded in.

In the post's description, the Reddiitor explained that they've been to a few national parks themselves, and said that to them, it's either Grand Teton or Olympic that takes the cake.

Reddit users decided to give the crown to Glacier National Park. "Glacier," the most-liked comment reads. "Especially if you do some of the longer day hikes." Right below, a slew of other Redditors agreed with the sentiment. "Glacier National Park is what I imagine heaven to look like," said one of them. Another one spoke from their professional experience. "I've worked in Five National parks (Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, and Mt. Rainier)," they said. "Definitely give the nod to Glacier, although they are all awesome."

In their quest to rank national parks, the people of Reddit chose Yosemite as the runner-up. Its vibe is, for many, somewhat spiritual. "It's a goddamned religious experience," pointed out one of its fans. "Prettiest spot on the planet," agreed another user. "And I say that having been to 75 countries and 58 of the national parks (and close to 300 total units in the NPS system)."

There's one of the least-popular national parks, though, that managed to make the top three. The third most liked comment shines a light on Redwood, which, according to Redditors on the thread, flaunts magical vibes. "Found a sense of peace in that forest I've never experienced before," reads the comment. "A monumental forest. Doesn't have the same stunning vistas as many of the mountainous parks but the majesty in that park is simply sublime."

Apparently, it's your top pick if you're looking for a secluded, peaceful, and relaxing spot to unwind. "It has been 20 years since I've seen the redwoods but it's still one of my favorite and most profound experiences thus far," explains another user. "The sense of calm that washed over me walking among those giants has been unmatched by any other travel experience yet." It feels like an "enchanted forest out of a fantasy novel," as another Redditor puts it. "Especially when you pass by a massive banana slug."

If you're looking for more recommendations on the most beautiful national parks, you can check out the Reddit thread right here.

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