The Most Common Dreams & Nightmares Range from Predictable to Totally Wild


Women are from Venus, while men are from a place that makes them exhaustingly predictable. The latter portion is undeniably true, at least according to what men and women say they dream about most. According to a survey from Mattress Advisor, you could guess what a dude dreams about just by looking at him. Women, on the other hand, are less predictable, but there's still some similarities between the two groups. 

After surveying 1,200 people about their dreams, gauging everything like the sights, shapes, colors, and sounds of nod-land, the site found that men spend a good amount of time dreaming about coital things. Dudes dreaming about sex accounted for about 15% of the respondents, which is quite the non-shocker. At the same time, you have to suspect some guys who answered "no" might've just been trying to save a little embarrassment. 

Other male dreams involve money and power, literally. Of those surveyed, 8.7% said they dreamt of having superpowers, while 8.4% dreamt about money. Sorry lads, you're not becoming a hybrid of Elon Musk and Floyd Mayweather anytime soon. 

The largest category of males -- 37.9% -- dreamt about wanderlust, as the survey reports: "Respondents described feelings during this dream to be anything from 'terrifying' and 'pure bliss' to 'wonder' and 'sadness and anxiety.' Frequent mentions of China and outer space led the visual of male dreams and provides context for the broad range of feelings evoked in participants."

Dudes, like most humans, have nightmares that basically scream anxiety. Most common are falling (19.4%), being chased (17.1%), and being attacked (13.7%). No existential crises or nuclear winters in the male nightmare department. 

Women dream about falling in love as much as men dream about having sex, finding that 15.2% of women are prone to envisioning the equivalent of a romance novel while sleeping. (Women reported dreaming about sex about half as much as men do, at 8.5%.) 

The largest category of women bares a similarity to men, as 39.1% of ladies dreamt about going somewhere new, often to distant, exotic places.

When it comes to tossing and turning in the night, women have nightmares about being chased (19.6%), falling and losing teeth (9.9%), being attacked (9.7%), and ending a relationship with a significant other (8.3%). These were a little bit more elaborate than the nightmares of their male counterparts. 

Anyway, if only a small survey conducted by a mattress website, we only have greater knowledge of what we knew before: Dreams tell us who we really are, which is incredibly scary. 

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