This Map Reveals the Most (and Least) Diverse States in the U.S.

Being in a "diverse country" doesn't mean that everywhere you go is evidence of the melting pot. Just Google Image search "Avenged Sevenfold concert" and see for yourself.

But while it might seem like diversity is an easy thing to measure, finding the most and diverse cities and states is not a simple task. You need to factor in culture, religion, economic status, educational background and more to get the full picture of a region, or the full picture of who is really moshing to a scream-o heavy song called "Unholy Confessions."

Thankfully, the folks at personal finance site WalletHub took all of these factors into account when they made the 2019 list of most and least diverse states in America. To find their results, they compared the 50 states across six key diversity categories, as well as conducted analyses at the city level. They even factored in things like occupational diversity, mentioning that there are only 33 female CEOs of fortune 500 companies, and around 66% of those companies’ board members are white. Awko taco. 

So, now I present to you our great nation, parsed and scrutinized: 

Source: WalletHub

Here are the most diverse states in the US:
10. Illinois
9. Nevada
8. Florida
7. Maryland
6. New Mexico
5. New York
4. New Jersey
3. Hawaii 
2. Texas
1. California

Here are the least diverse states in the US:
10. Wyoming
9. Ohio
8. Iowa 
7. Utah
6. Kentucky
5. Montana
4. New Hampshire
3. Vermont
2. Maine
1. West Virginia

What's going on West V? Well, they rank the lowest in "household diversity," "linguistic diversity," "racial & ethnic diversity," "education-attainment diversity," and "income diversity." *gasps for air*.

California, on the other hand, ranked highest in all of those categories, except "income diversity." Though they did still rank very high in both "socioeconomic diversity" and "economic diversity," according to the WalletHub report. 

The full ranking can be found on the original post by WalletHub. Keep in mind that a state can rank very low in one thing and still have an overall high score, as is the case with New Jersey, which came in as the fourth most diverse state, but ranked lowest in "occupational diversity."

The map on the original post allows you to see the demographic evolution between 2009 and 2017. You'll note that, overall, our country is getting more and more diverse. WalletHub reported that The US Census Bureau predicts a different reality in 2044, one without white people as our ethnic majority. 

I feel it would be unprofessional for me to finish this article with WOOOOHOOOOO.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.