The Most Expensive Apartment in NYC Comes With a Trip to Space

Courtesy of Daniel Neiditch - River 2 River Realty
Courtesy of Daniel Neiditch - River 2 River Realty

New York is a great city, but it's a far better city if you're rich. If you're being realistic, though, even rich isn't enough anymore. Now it seems like you have to be space rich: aka, able to afford the most expensive apartment listing in New York, which naturally includes two tickets to space. 

For a cool $85 million, you'll get 15,000 square feet of duplex penthouse in the Atelier, a building at 635 W. 42nd Street and 12th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. According to the The New York Post, the $5,666 you'll pay per square foot is almost double the record for the neighborhood. That's mostly because of the bizarre extras that are included, like two tickets to space, which normally go for $250,000, on a Virgin Galactic space flight.


You'll also get two Rolls-Royce Phantoms (one hardtop, one convertible, natch), plus a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. And a $1 million, 75-foot yacht with your first five years of dock fees on the Hudson covered. And you'll be able to stay at a Hamptons mansion in the summer that normally goes for $350,000 for the season. And you'll get weekly dinners for two at chef Daniel Boulud’s flagship restaurant for a year. And courtside tickets to Brooklyn Nets games, which normally go for $225,000. And a year of a live-in butler and a private chef.

But it lacks outdoor space. Sorry if that's a deal breaker.


“Someone not from New York can [move here and] have a New Yorker’s lifestyle and point of view,” Daniel Neiditch, the building manager and owner of River 2 River Realty, told the paper. “In a way, I’m offering my lifestyle. I’m offering a way for a foreigner to jump right in.” All the boats, cars, courtside seats, and whatnot are his as well. 

Other brokers told the Post that since the listing has been on the market for five years, the add-ons are likely an attempt to sweeten a deal that's way overpriced.

The other red flag here is that the penthouse is not yet one cohesive apartment. It's currently 13 separate units -- filled with occupants -- that you'll be given a $2 million construction credit to combine. Neiditch has plans for the conversion drawn up and claims it would take 30 days to evict the current tenants. Again, though, others in the industry cautioned that construction could take over a year and could cost over $5 million more than the credit offered with the apartment, according to the report.

If you're feeling disappointed that this turned out not to be the deal of the lifetime, cheer yourself up by remembering that you don't have $85 million. And if you do, what's $5 million more in construction costs? 

h/tThe New York Post

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