The World's Most Expensive Beach Destination Isn't About the Hype

The priciest beach destination isn't even really famous for being a beach.

When you think of the priciest beach in the world, you probably conjure images of this Fiji resort or one of Hawaii's best beaches. But you'd be sorely, sorely mistaken. According to a new study from, the most expensive beach is actually best known for its foggy weather and scallops.

To determine the most expensive beaches, the TravelMag survey considered all worldwide destinations that had a minimum of 20 hotels and inns and at least one beach. Then, to calculate the priciest beaches, the average price for the cheapest available double room during August 2023 was determined.

Nantucket Town, Massachusetts, located in the south of Cape Cod, came out as the priciest destination. The average cost for a night in the least expensive double room in the Nantucket island town is a whopping $694. The second most expensive is a bit less surprising. Positano has an average of $481 per night. Given how out-of-this-world popular the southern Italian city on the Amalfi coast has become with tourists in recent years, it's no surprise hotels are so expensive.

Below are the top 10 priciest beach towns in the world, at least as of this writing:

1. Nantucket Town, Massachusetts (USA) $694
2. Positano (Italy) $481
3. Montauk, New York (USA) $478
4. Saint-Tropez (France) $440
5. Kennebunkport, Maine (USA) $406
6. Provincetown, Massachusetts (USA) $404
7. Capri Town (Italy) $399
8. Bar Harbor, Maine (USA) $384
9. Monaco $381
10. Santa Monica, California (USA) $360

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