Take a Peek Inside the Most Expensive House in the World

Call your father-in-law right now and ask if he's willing to invest in your future, because the most expensive house in the world is up for sale. And you and your wonderful new spouse deserve it.

The asking price is currently $410 million, according to Bloomberg. To put that in some (horrifying) context: You can buy whole islands for under $100,000. Beyonce's net worth is estimated to be around $350 million, according to Forbes. The average sale price of a new home in the United States was $386,000 in August.

This former-olive farm, known as Villa les Cèdres, was built in 1830 in the south of France near Nice and spans 35 garden-covered acres, featuring 14,000 species of plants, more olive trees than you have regrets (some more than 300 years old), an Olympic-size swimming pool, 25 greenhouses, and a level of satisfaction with one's choices that only a physical confirmation of unimaginable wealth can provide, one assumes. There's also a bronze statue of Athena.

The house itself is 18,000 square feet and features 14 bedrooms and several luxurious sitting rooms that frankly look more like museums. The library is wood-paneled and, among 3,000 others, contains a single book from 1640 that's worth several hundred thousand euros. The furnishings are available for purchase, but, regrettably, aren't included in the asking price.

The villa is without a doubt freakishly beautiful, but the massive price tag really comes from the amount of land the property occupies on some of the most sought after real estate in the world, in conjunction with the size of the home itself. The neighborhood is called Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, and it's a popular peninsula getaway for the hyper-wealthy, like co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen and some guy who only goes by Bono. Villa les Cèdres' allure isn't diminished by the fact that it was once owned by King Leopold II of Belgium.

And Elton John lives close by, which is probably nice.

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