The Most Expensive Joint Ever Rolled Is Worth $24,000 and Weighs 1.5 Pounds

Stonerdom and ambition aren't exactly synonymous in the popular imagination, but the chiller among us aren't afraid to go full Lewis-and-Clark on the frontiers of marijuana consumption. Behold the latest in weed exploration: the most expensive joint of all time.

This handsome, tusk-shaped, 30-inch-long, 1.5-pound doob is valued at $24,000 and has been described as "a multi-day endeavor" (which, sure, with that attitude). It was commissioned by an LA-based cannabis startup called Stone Road Farms and was created for an auction/benefit in support of the African Wildlife Foundation.

According to a report by Forbes, the joint was rolled by Weavers, a noted joint-roller and artist, when a Hollywood prop designer was unable to complete the project. In addition to several fantastic strands of weed and hash, it features a blunt-paper base and three layers of 24-karat gold Shine rolling papers. And again, it also looks like a tusk.

"Beyond throwing a party to celebrate our expansion, I wanted to incorporate a social cause element," Stone Road Farms founder Lex Corwin told the publication, "so I decided to create a joint in the shape of a giant elephant tusk to signify the detrimental toll the ivory trade takes on wild elephants."

At the auction's end, an investor in Stone Road Farms became the proud owner of the joint for just $4,000, which is a real deal considering it's $20,000 cheaper than it was originally valued. 

“I'm just honored to be donating the proceeds of this event to support AWF’s important work to stop elephant poaching and end the horrific practice of trafficking ivory and other wildlife parts from threatened species," Corwin added. "Tusks belong on live, healthy wild elephants and nowhere else.”

Which is super-chill.


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