These Are the U.S. Cities with the Most (and Least) Expensive Beer

Texas is well represented among a new ranking of the 10 cheapest cities for beer.

Today, beer enthusiasts in the US have two excellent reasons to sip on their favorite drink.

First, it is Friday. Second, and most importantly, it's St. Paddy's Day, which is the perfect excuse to raise a glass and celebrate your Irish roots, if you have them.

With intense bar hopping on tonight's schedule for many Americans, it could be helpful to know how much coin you might be preparing to spend, depending on where you live. The entertainment site has luckily come to lend you a helping hand, and it has analyzed the average cost of draught and bottled beer across the top 100 most populated cities in the US to identify the most and least expensive locations.

If you dream of cracking open a cold one without breaking the bank, Texas is reportedly a good place to be. According to the study, the state is home to the highest number of cities in the top 10 cheapest locations for beer, with El Paso, Lubbock, and Irving all landing on the list. None of these, though, won the gold medal. While El Paso snagged the second spot thanks to its $3.75 draught beer and $5 bottled beer, Lubbock and Irving sit further down in the list, and they're tied for tenth place with both draught and bottled beer averagely priced at $5.

The absolute winner of the cheap beer list was Toledo. There, a pint will cost you, on average, only $3.25, while you'll have to pay $5 for a bottled beer. Right after El Paso, is Tulsa, Oklahoma, which secured itself the bronze medal thanks to its $4 draught beer and $5 bottled beer.

Take a look below at the top 10 cheapest cities in the US for beer:

1. Toledo, Ohio: Draught $3.25, Bottled $5
2. El Paso, Texas: Draught $3.75, Bottled $5
3. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Draught $4.00, Bottled $5
4 (tied). Wichita, Kansas: Draught $3.50, Bottled $5.50
4 (tied). Greensboro, North Carolina: Draught $3.50, Bottled $5.50
. Gilbert, Arizona: Draught $4, Bottled $5.25
7. St. Petersburg, Florida: Draught $4.28, Bottled $5
8 (tied)
. Lincoln, Nebraska: Draught $4, Bottled $5.50
8 (tied)
. Glendale, Arizona: Draught $4, Bottled $5.50
10 (tied). Jacksonville, Florida: Draught $5, Bottled $5
10 (tied). Newark, New Jersey: Draught $5, Bottled $5
10 (tied). Lubbock, Texas: Draught $5, Bottled $5
10 (tied). Irving, Texas: Draught $5, Bottled $5
10 (tied). Chesapeake, Virginia: Draught $5, Bottled $5

Unsurprisingly, the Big Apple is the city you should probably avoid tonight if you're looking to stick to a budget. According to the study, NYC is the most expensive city to grab a beer, with an average draught price of $8 and a shocking $10 for a bottled one. California's Los Angeles and San Jose are not too far off, and they respectively get second and third spot on the most expensive cities for beer list.

Overall, California is your worst bet as a state if you're looking for cheap beer. With six cities featured in total, it is the dominating state on the most expensive beer list.

Here is the ranking of most expensive cities for beer in the US:

1. New York City, New York: Draught $8, Bottled $10
2. Los Angeles, California: Draught $8, Bottled $9
3. San Jose, California: Draught $7.30, Bottled $9
4. Honolulu, Hawaii: Draught $7, Bottled $9
5. San Diego, California: Draught $8, Bottled $8
6. Anaheim, California: Draught $8.35, Bottled $7.50
7. Boston, Massachusetts: Draught $7, Bottled $8.50
8. Long Beach, California: Draught $7.25, Bottled $8
9 (tied). San Francisco, California: Draught $7, Bottled $8
9 (tied). Seattle, Washington: Draught $7, Bottled $8
9 (tied). Washington, DC: Draught $7, Bottled $8

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