These Are the Most-Filmed Locations in Every State of the U.S. just released the complete report.

When planning your next trip, surely historic landmarks and gorgeous viewpoints should be at the top of your list for itinerary purposes. Sprinkling a little bit of IRL pop culture references on top, though, can be the right addition if you want to make your adventure even more fun.

The Hawaii travel platform is coming to the rescue and helping you out on the pop culture travel front. Using IMDb data, it found all the locations across the US that have been captured on film the most regularly, and ranked them by state. The result is a comprehensive list of the most popular film and TV spots in every state, which you can (and should!) use when coming up with your travel itinerary.

Across the board, Los Angeles takes the gold medal, and we're not surprised. According to the study's findings, Griffith Park in LA is the most filmed location of all, and it flaunts 399 credits (and yet not a single Oscar, talk about a snub). Scenes from iconic films like Jurassic Park and La La Land were captured there.

Los Angeles' popularity in the film and TV industry is also highlighted by Union Station, which, according to, has more credits than iconic landmarks such as the White House, the Golden Gate Bridge, and even New York City's very own Grand Central Station. If you aren't quite sure about the last time you saw Union Station referenced in a movie, though, you're probably right—as the study points out, it rarely "plays itself." Its credits include Catch Me If You Can and Euphoria.

If you're curious to see what locations take the cake in every state, made sure to make things easier for you. Check out this map showing the most popular film and TV spots in every state:

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To take a look at the complete report and to access additional rankings, including the most-filmed buildings in every state, you can visit this website.

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