This Map Shows the Most-Googled ‘Why Do’ Question in All 50 States

Google is an ever-present oracle that can dredge up information and answer your most private questions in a matter of seconds. It's also the venue where much of humanity posits the questions it's too afraid to ask other people, for fear of embarrassment. But because Google is a complex infrastructure that tracks your every move like a data-siphoning cloud, we have this map of the most popular "Why Do" questions in every state, compiled by the thoughtful wonks at AT&T All Home Connections.

As you might expect, the questions range from the innocuous to the existential. They also pertain largely to the kneading rituals of cats. (If you live in Oregon, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, and Kansas, you're likely Googling the question "Why do cats knead?"). Colorado has an inquisitive similarity with Indiana as well, as residents of both states are often asking the internet: "Why do my boobs hurt?" In the Mormon stronghold of Utah, people are asking about the recent NFL national anthem protests, and also inquiring why people yawn.


Predictably, many of the questions reflect the human need to be loved, and might hint that some of us need to spend time away from the internet. Arizona, which must be home to more than a few jilted lovers, asks "Why do people lie?." This is probably a better question for Jean Paul Sarte than a search engine. Florida, reflecting the dreary vibes lots of people get in the winter time, wonders "Why do I feel so alone?," which is weird, because it's sunny as hell in Florida. 

Whether or not tossing these queries into the digital ether yields anything informative hasn't been tested. And while these might not be anything you'd ask your neighbor or coworker, they still don't hold a candle to the most embarrassing questions asked on Google. Those are in a realm all on their own. 

Check out the full list of states below: 

Alabama: Why do dogs lick
Alaska: Why do we celebrate Halloween
Arizona: Why do people lie
Arkansas: Why do we sleep
California: Why do flies like poop / Why do ankles swell / Why do birds suddenly appear / Why do girls wear makeup / Why do humans kiss / Why do humans cry / Why do I feel so alone / Why do jumping beans jump / Why do people snore
Colorado: Why do my boobs hurt
Connecticut: Why do yankees do thumbs down
Delaware: Why do dogs eat grass
District of Columbia: Why do I sweat so much
Florida: Why do I feel so alone
Georgia: Why do you love me
Hawaii: Why do roosters crow
Idaho: Why do men have nipples
Illinois: Why do dogs have tails / Why do my teeth hurt / Why do zebras have stripes
Indiana: Why do my boobs hurt / Why do cats knead
Iowa: Why do cats knead
Kansas: Why do cats knead / Why do I sweat so much
Kentucky: Why do cats knead
Louisiana: Why do people yawn
Maine: Why do leaves change color
Maryland: Why do you want to work here
Massachusetts: Why do cats hate water
Michigan: Why do I have diarrhea / Why do people cheat
Minnesota: Why do apples float
Mississippi: Why do living things need water
Missouri: Why do tomatoes split
Montana: Why do dogs eat grass
Nebraska: Why do fireflies glow
Nevada: Why do dogs lick
New Hampshire: Why do leaves change color
New Jersey: Why do yankees do thumbs down
New Mexico: Why do we dream
New York: Why do feet smell
North Carolina: Why do hurricanes form
North Dakota: Why do dogs eat grass
Ohio: Why do I hate myself / Why do guys have nipples
Oklahoma: Why do dogs lick
Oregon: Why do cats knead
Pennsylvania: Why do birds sing / Why do cats hate water / Why do dogs pant / Why do farts smell
Rhode Island: Why do cats purr
South Carolina: Why do I sweat so much / Why do kids bully
South Dakota: Why do dogs eat grass / Why do dogs eat poop
Tennessee: Why do fireflies glow
Texas: Why do ears ring / Why do eyes twitch / Why do I bruise easy / Why do my kidneys hurt / Why do my legs ache / Why do seals slap themselves / Why do they call it the birds and the bees / Why do veins pop out
Utah: Why do we yawn / Why do NFL players kneel
Vermont: Why do leaves change color
Virginia: Why do people cheat
Washington: Why do cats like boxes
West Virginia: Why do cats purr
Wisconsin: Why do fireflies glow
Wyoming: How to kiss

[h/t Mental Floss]

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