Airbnb Just Named the Most Hospitable Destinations in the U.S. & in the World

The platform is celebrating 1 million Superhosts across the globe.

Every traveler looking through Airbnb listings has, at least once, added the Superhost filter. It's pretty normal, and common practice—the prospect of exceptional and recognized hospitality can definitely ease your mind when you're already stressing about planning the rest of your trip.

What can make your life even easier, though, is knowing which countries and cities flaunt the highest number of Airbnb Superhosts. Recently, Airbnb reached 1 million Superhosts around the globe, and to celebrate the hospitality milestone, it released two new rankings featuring the top five most hospitable countries in the world as well as the most hospitable cities across the US.

The destinations that made the lists have the highest percentage of their hosts designated as Superhosts, and that's definitely something to brag about. Superhosts are recognized on the platform for their excellent hospitality, and becoming one of them isn't easy.

First of all, they have a 4.8 or higher average overall rating based on their guests' reviews in the past year. They also have to have hosted at least 10 stays in the same time period, and they must rank low on cancellations—Superhosts cancel less than 1% of the time. Finally, communication is important, as they respond to 90% of new booking-related messages within 24 hours.

It's hard work, but it sure pays off. According to Airbnb data, from October 2021 through September 2022 Superhosts collectively made over $23 billion in revenue. On average, being one of them will make you 64% more hosting income than a regular host, based on last year's data from July through September 2022.

If you're worried you're not going to find any Superhost for your next trip, you actually might want to look at the data. They are currently spread across more than 200 countries and territories, and they represent more than 45 languages. In terms of countries, the most hospitable one is currently Puerto Rico, with 41% of its hosts qualifying as Superhosts. The most hospitable US city, instead, is Sevierville, Tennessee, where Superhosts represent an astounding 60% of all hosts. Probably not surprising considering it is the hometown of none other than Dolly Parton and is located next door to Dollywood.

Take a look at the top five most hospitable countries below:

1. Puerto Rico: 41% Superhosts
2. USA: 34% Superhosts
3. Korea: 30% Superhosts
4. United Kingdom: 28% Superhosts
5. Canada: 26% Superhosts

Here you can find the top five most hospitable US cities:

1. Sevierville, Tennessee: 60% Superhosts
2. Asheville, North Carolina: 59% Superhosts
3. Flagstaff, Arizona: 55% Superhosts
4. Galveston, Texas: 50% Superhosts
5. Nashville: 49% Superhosts

You can read the complete Airbnb report right here.

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