These Airlines Had the Fewest Delays and Cancellations Last Month

Plus, the airports with the most on-time departures worldwide.

The irritation of spending longer than you need to at an airport because your flight is delayed is one of life's small miseries. It's certainly not the end of the world, but it's an entirely unpleasant experience. During the busy, chaotic summer vacation months, delays are more common—especially in 2023 as levels of travel reach pre-pandemic levels.

Cirium, a company that evaluates airline and travel data, has the numbers on just how delayed flights were in July 2023, broken down by airline and airport. On the whole, airlines' overall on-time performance in North America dropped from June to July, from 68.11% to 65.82%. If these airlines were getting a grade, it would be a D.

"Flight cancellations in North America also surged, from 17,414 in June to 21,131 in July; in all other global regions, flight cancellations actually decreased between June and July, making North America the only region in which an increase in flight cancellations was seen," the Cirium report shared with Thrillist revealed.

Globally, the most on-time airline is Latam Airlines. In the top 10 most on-time airlines worldwide, Delta Air Lines was the only US carrier to make the list, coming in at the ninth spot. In North America, the most on time airline is Alaska Airlines, followed closely by Delta. You can check out the complete rankings, plus details on which airports were the most on-time, in the charts below.

Courtesy of Cirium
Courtesy of Cirium
Courtesy of Cirium

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